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Certified Translation vs. Certified Translator

A Certified Translator is an individual who has earned an internationally recognized credential in the field of translation.  In the United States, the American Translators Association  (ATA) issues certification to translators who pass a rigorous translation examination in a specific language pair and a specific direction--for example, from Spanish into English but NOT from English into Spanish.  The vast majority of professional translators in the United States do not hold such a credential, yet many ATA Certified Translators obtain certification in both directions or in several languages.  


It is not necessary to be a Certified Translator in order to provide certified translations.  


A certified translation is simply a translated text accompanied by a signed (and frequently notarized) statement that the translator, to the best of his ability, has provided a true and accurate translation of the text from one language to another.  It is an assurance to the client that the translator has done the work himself, rather than outsource it to a third party, and that the translated text is his best effort.

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