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TranslateDCP was founded in 2003 by a young teacher who dreamed of a world-class translation business bearing her initials.  This teacher obtained graduate education in translation, worked as a freelance translator, served as an elementary school district translator--and then married, changed her initials, and kept on translating.  

Currently, TranslateDCP is the sole proprietorship of Denise Nahigian.  If you are a professional translator interested in forming a TranslateDCP team, please email or complete the Inquiry Form the Contact page.  Accredited translators from English into Spanish, as well as translators in either direction specializing in business or medicine, would be particularly welcome.                                 

Denise Nahigian is an ATA Certified Translator from Spanish into English.  She holds a master's degree in translation and is a native speaker of English.  Profiles and resumes available at ProZ and Translators Café 


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